Top 4 Reasons Why Thanksgiving is Better Than Christmas

Charlie might attack me with tinsel and Christmas carols once she reads this post, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. Thanksgiving is all too often overlooked by the commercial behemoth found in Christmas, and it pains me to see my favorite holiday lurk in the shadows of Santa’s sleigh. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I give you your top 4 reasons why Thanksgiving is better than Christmas:

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A Love So True

50 years ago tonight, my parents became engaged. It’s the only fact I know about their courtship. They claim that they don’t remember anything about their first date or even how my father popped the question.

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He’s Flirting With You

Apparently, regardless of the situation, I still don’t know when a guy is flirting with me.

Case study:

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Tinder: 8 Guys That I’ve Matched And Lost

As soon as I heard that Tinder was available for download on my Android, I snatched it up. People had been talking about it and my friends are going on dates. So I figured, what’s the harm?

This is a hot or not list.
Nothing still happens.
I’m really tired of online dating.

There are at least 500,000 single people (if not more) in the 20 miles around the Salt Lake Valley where I live. Their ages range from the I’m-never-going-there (20 year olds) to the Please-explain-why-you-never-got-married (40 year olds). I don’t know the ratio of men to women, but there is still a substantial group collectively.

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Shaving Cream

I love the smell of men’s shaving cream.

It reminds me of one of my earliest memories. I’m probably about 3 years old. Like most young children, I’m awake much earlier than my mom would like. As soon as the sun streaks across my pink Precious Moments blankie, my eyes pop open and I go looking for my mom. I shuffle past my older siblings’ bedrooms, see that they are still sprawled across their beds, and continue to my parents’ room where I find my mom curled on her side, mouth slightly open and breathing deeply. Normally, I’d nudge her and ask for breakfast or snuggle in next to her for a few more minutes of rest but I notice light coming from the master bathroom so I paddle over in my footie pajamas to investigate.

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10 Reasons Why Being Single is The Best

1. You can dye your hair without worrying about whether or not he’ll like it.

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Reigning Champion of Bad Date Stories

In the 14 years since I started dating, I’ve had some ups and downs and plenty of stories in between. I think I can pretty much top the bad date stories (sent another girl’s date to the ER… that was pretty awesome) but this last week added some new fodder to my repertoire.

My Facebook Stalker finally got up enough courage to ask me out.  He was planning to be in town and decided after two months of messaging me on Facebook and liking my every status that it was time we actually met face-to-face. Although reluctant, I agreed.

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